The Sydney Women’s Fund focuses on working to improve the lives of women and girls in the greater Sydney metropolitan area. Its aim is to make Sydney a place where all women and girls can achieve their full potential and thrive.
It aspires to make Sydney a strong, safe, vibrant community with opportunity for everyone.
Support for women’s education, learning and training is a key goal, as well as for talented women to achieve their ambitions as artists, enriching Sydney’s cultural life.
The Sydney Women’s Fund is part of the Sydney Community Foundation (SCF) – the city’s first public community foundation. Strategic giving from the Sydney Women’s Fund supports the SCF’s wider work by:
       giving to projects that change the lives of women and girls
       gathering evidence on issues impacting on women’s lives, to inform giving
       advocating for women’s safety, shelter, education, employment and independence

“Sydney Women’s Fund works for a community where all women and girls can achieve their potential to live safely without fear of discrimination or disadvantage, and enjoy the full benefits of life in Sydney.”
Rosalind Strong AM, former chair Sydney Community Foundation

The WeirAnderson Foundation has made a $500,000 commitment across five years to the Sydney Women’s Fund.
It is half of the WeirAnderson Foundation’s pledge to the Women Moving Millions global philanthropic network, which is committed to large-scale investment in women and girls.