About Deanne Weir

Deanne Weir is a former media lawyer and executive turned producer, investor and company director.
She is passionate about storytelling, change-making and gender equality. Drawing insight from a distinguished corporate career including legal and senior executive roles at Telstra, Austar and Foxtel, Deanne now works across the screen industry and the social sector. 
Deanne's company WeirAnderson.com invests in entrepreneurs and storytellers to help them change the world. In addition to financial investment from WeirAnderson.com, Deanne is also Chair of:

  • Hoodlum: an Emmy and BAFTA award winning production company

  • Ai-Media: a global provider of speech to text services

  • Seer Data & Analytics: a technology start-up helping the social sector make better decisions through the use of data and insights

Deanne has held leading board and advisory roles within companies in which WeirAnderson.com has invested, across the music, publishing and technology industries. These include Moshcam, Girlosophy and WE Magazines, which published The Hoopla and Birdee
Deanne’s passion for storytelling sees her playing an active role in the screen sector, both as an investor in screen stories and in board and advisory roles. A board member of Screen Australia for eight years until 2016, Deanne was instrumental in the development of its Gender Matters program and remains a member of its Gender Matters Taskforce. Deanne is also Chair of the Sydney Film Festival
WeirAnderson.com has made direct investments in various Australian feature films, including I Used to Be Normal, BabyTeeth, Miss Fisher & The Crypt of Tears and I Am Woman. Its newest project is a feature documentary by Sophie Mathison: a project on which Deanne is also a producer.
In addition to her business roles, Deanne is active in the community sector with The WeirAnderson Foundation and is an active board member in the sector.  
Her passion for human rights and previous life as a lawyer led Deanne to the Grata Fund, where she has been Chair since 2018. Grata assists Australian citizens to bring important litigation to push back against unfair laws and policies in the areas of human rights, climate change and democracy. 
Deanne is also Chair of Global Sisters, an Australian not-for-profit removing barriers to self-employment for disadvantaged women, helping them achieve financial independence.
In January 2019, Deanne was appointed as a Trustee of the Asia Foundation, a US-based international development organisation with a strong focus on gender equality.
Deanne is a regular guest speaker at media, corporate and philanthropic events, as well as an advisor to business and philanthropic leaders.

Deanne Weir delivers the 2017 Monash University Law School alumni address

Deanne Weir delivers the 2017 Monash University Law School alumni address

Top banner photo: L-R Jan Chapman, Margaret Pomeranz, Rachel Ward, Deanne Weir at the 2019 Sydney Film Festival. Photo credit: Belinda Rolland.