In 2012, Deanne Weir and her husband Jules Anderson launched The WeirAnderson Foundation, believing that targeted philanthropy can help make the world a better place, particularly if it can be leveraged to achieve gender equality.  

Gender equality isn’t just the right thing to do: it is fundamental to more successful and sustainable societies. When women and girls have the opportunity to fully participate in education, the economy and civil society, there are improvements across the board in social and economic indicators. As we face challenges brought by the fourth industrial revolution, climate change and major social and political disruption, we need all the world’s human capital to be part of creating solutions. Accordingly, we must double our efforts to advocate for and achieve gender equality.

The Foundation is part of a global philanthropic community supporting women and girls. Locally, it is part of the Australian Women Donors Network and globally, the Foundation is part of Women Moving Millions, which is committed to large-scale investment in women and girls.

The WeirAnderson Foundation is a supporter of the Sydney Women's Fund, dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in the greater Sydney metropolitan area. Via SWF, the Foundation has provided support to Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections, a service organisation building strong and inclusive communities in Western Sydney.

Another key partner organisation is Global Sisters, an Australian not-for-profit removing barriers to self-employment for disadvantaged women, helping them achieve financial independence.

To achieve international impact, the Foundation has partnered with the International Women's Development Agency, the only Australian development organisation entirely focused on women's rights and gender equality. Deanne is a former board member at IWDA and Chair at Global Sisters.

The WeirAnderson Foundation is a Private Ancillary Fund and as well as its focus on women and girls, it supports cultural, educational and civil society organisations that incorporate a gender lens in their work and are focused on progressive outcomes. 

Organisations supported include Bell Shakespeare, Sydney Film Festival, Fair Agenda and the Grata Fund.  

The Foundation has also supported the Documentary Australia Foundation and documentaries that highlight issues faced by women and girls across the globe, including I Am A Girl, Call Me Dad, and the Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe.   

The WeirAnderson Foundation is not currently taking submissions for funding.

Top banner photo: Global Sisters. Photo credit: Kylie Petts